My Wonderful Wife


I often wonder if I could hug someone like I hug you.

If the words I give to you, you give to anyone else.

Do you think of me when it rains or when your smile has been taken away?

It doesn't even matter what you do, I love you anyway.

I love your smile more than anyone else's. I hate when it's not there. You're my wonderful motivation, you don't just float in the air.

I love all of your imperfections, they're all perfect to me! You're perfect as you are, don't ever change, lovely.

I'll make you all the pancakes you want! I'll wish for all your dreams to come true. In the end you're still beautiful because it's beautiful you.

And I know you won't always be with me with every day and hour. But I see your smile wherever I am, and I never feel sour.

So honey, don't you leave me. I know it's hard to ask. But it's just a simple request, think of it while it will pass.

I love you so much my love, it's love all the way! I've never felt so much love before than with you beside me.

Now as much as some words refer to my other best friends so dear, this one refers to you, MY WIFE, if I haven't yet made that clear.

So once again, for one of the ends, I want to put it down. That I love you with whatever you do, I just don't want to see you frown. *SMILE*

and Julia <3
My beautiful baby


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