I was thinking about my personality and me in general a lot today. For some reason the hours went by so slowly up until now.

I went back onto the page I was on yesterday (16 personalities) and read my personality type description. It's rather long but it feels like you're reading the first chapter of a book, what it basically is.

It is said that I have a specifically rare personality, which isn't hard for me to believe since I keep feeling that nobody understands me. Nonetheless, reading this description, I must say they've got me spot on. Sure, it isn't my first time reading it, but that doesn't mean it matches me less than it did.

It's fascinating how nice I felt once I finished reading. I got myself into anxiety alley and depression drove because of the feeling that I wasn't understood and because of everything they said in that. I let myself feel the wind and came back feeling that I'm not crazy.

If you'd like to read about me, go ahead. Literally everything matches up perfectly. And to all my future, past and present friends; all you need is to be authentic and share some sort of interests with me. If you fail at having a nice conversation with me, I might not be the person you're looking for. If you make me think about you, you've got me hooked.



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