Looking Up To The Future

Ugh. Why can't I just learn to live in the now?

There's this thing that I do which involves me speeding into the distance ages, running away from those now. It's simply because all of the times now, everything going on is so terrible that the future is a blessing, it's wonderful!

I think about the future much too often. I honestly can get lost in dreams about what will come in a few years. I think that the hard thing in NOW is that it's tough now, I want to just be older, fast forward and get out, do what I love. No matter how hard I try I keep getting back to the upset Gabby that just wants to be an adult already. I know that every teen has a point in their lives that they want to be older but I just really want to escape these years.

I feel a tad better now. Ugh. Well. I am going to do something now. Bye.



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