Late, Long Nights

I enjoy sleeping / waking up at unusual times, differently. I really like small change. When it comes to me, I'll usually end up sleeping late rather that anything else. It still doesn't happen often though, I guess that's why whenever I do end up going to sleep late it's still magical.

The things I do when I go to sleep consist of elements like:
  • ELABORATE THOUGHTS - this is most definitely the most common cause of my late nights. I usually have something that I forgot to finish thinking about from earlier so I finish it at night. Often, the source of the thoughts are people who I feel like analysing (in the most innocent, non-hateful way possible!) who come as an interest to me.
  • DREAMS - this actually goes into separate categories too:
    • FINISH-OFF DREAMS - the ones I just didn't have a chance to end so I end / expand them,
    • IDEA DREAMS - the ones I think of during the day and hold on to till the darkness arrives and dive into then,
    • SITUATION DREAMS - the ones I feel like changing / embracing that come from different scenes from the day. They may be from a person doing something or an argument that could've ended differently...
  • PLANNING - planning the next days, future, activities, life... Yep.
  • IDEAS - in a certain way similar to planning but not really. Ideas for generally videos or blog posts, but also organisation, room arrangement, fun plans...
  • PEOPLE WATCH / WINDOW WATCH - same thing in a way, unless there are no people strolling at night. I used to live in a flat opposite a massive, 10+ floor flat so I could people watch super simply not like now, but I still like to do it when I can. Sitting on my window thinking and spying always provides me with a good mood.
  • DO THINGS I SHOULDN'T DO - keeping in mind that this is a list of things I do when my mum thinks I'm asleep (not like when it's almost midnight and my mum is screaming at me to go to sleep cause I'm doing my homework), I tend to do things I shouldn't on the late nights. You know, this includes tidying up, sometimes from boredom. It's often eating, editing or uploading videos, watching movies, HOMEWORK, drawing, learning, reading, playing... Basically.
  • STUDY THE UNIVERSE - this is complicated. It's like a mix of absolutely everything when I just can't fall asleep. I have only not slept the whole night, so been awake over 24 hours one night in my life and it went a little like this:
    1. actually tried falling asleep
    2. started pondering about life
    3. played my 3DS
    4. pondered more about life
    5. started walking around in circles
    6. tried falling asleep
    7. watched the sunrise
    8. read Adam Mickiewicz (this really cool Polish write, like Polish Shakespeare in a way)
    9. got dressed in some trackies
    10. left the house very quietly (and through a window if I'm not mistaken, just not to wake anyone up. BTW, I was at my grandparents' house so don't worry, it wasn't a 20 story building haha)
    11. went for a little jog round the farm
    12. greeted the chickens
    13. made myself some scrambled eggs
    14. finally fell asleep just before 7:30 from being so knackered. 
Nighttime is a wonder, eh?



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