I Need A Dollar, Dollar

I have grown up in many different money situations. It has been really, really good as much as it has really really bad. I think because of that I try to place a smaller budget upon myself but this also causes me to stop leaving the house sometimes and cancelling all of my meet ups with my friends.

The value of a dollar is different for many people. When I have 1zł (one third of a dollar, one fifth of a pound) in my pocket, I ultimately think of what I can do with it. Things like saving up come to mind as much as buying something precious, spending it on someone, giving it to someone, giving it back to someone... There is always something to do with such an amount.

Whenever I raise some kind of satisfying amount, I like to go treat myself to something. A little cappuccino from McDonald's (my fave), a nice little sandwich or something else. I feel lonely and simply heartbroken when things that are so small, so ordinary can cost so much. It pains me that such tiny pieces of food can cost so much!
Imagine 4 bakeries. All 4 bakeries sell sandwiches. The prices of these sandwiches range from 7zł to 3zł! HOW EVEN? So if a filling, amazing sandwich can cost 3zł, how can a bagel, a damn bagel, cost 10zł? It sickens me how some places are just thirsty for money.

Nonetheless, I enjoy the smaller, cheaper places more this way. I've always thoroughly enjoyed thrift shops, cheap cafes, car boot sales and others. I understand some places that can be expensive because of their actual value or quality, but I swear to God, people aren't money machines. If you want more clients that can actually afford what you have to offer then pump the price down. Your choice, no stress. Just sayin'.

Things don't have to come from known sources to be good. Things that are cheaper or older aren't less valued. The world is a place of creation and creations don't have values. We ourselves are world's creations. We are only able to value ourselves.
There's a bit of Gisdom for you. Have a good life, give yourself some love.



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