First Messages

I love how I literally just wrote a post about late nights and it is currently 3:27 when I'm writing this...

I got hit by the sudden urge to look back on my first ever messages with my best friends: Natalie, Julia and Laura. They looked something like this:
  • Natalie - we met earlier this year at school and already on the 25th of October she announced, that she sees us being best friends. But the real date, the 14th of October 2014, I tagged Natalie in this FB 'write ten things about me post'. She was quite shy at the time and wrote the list in private. I'm going to keep the list to myself because it only makes it more special but one of my favourite things that she wrote was that I was an optimist, which is something that keeps me happy till today.
  • Julia - I met Julia in 2011. We didn't become really strong best friends until, I would say, 2013. So then it was the battle for Julia to create a Facebook account, which she eventually did and on January the 19th 2014 I greeted her with literally "Hello, hello, hello". That's how it all started off! Funny fact: Jewels didn't respond to said message until 3 days later, luckily when she did she wrote a heart so that made up for it.
  • Laura - so obviously I have known Laura the longest. Laura was similar to Julia in the fact that they both waited very long to make Facebook accounts! Up to this day we contacted strictly by email, phone, skype and face to face! But the day did come, on the 26th of May 2014 I wrote "Laura" with three hearts twice and some kind of strange emoji afterwards. 
So it turns out that all of my friends lost their Facebook virginity to me in 2014! That's an odd sentence I never thought I'd write... Anyhoo, it was so nice revisiting the past and collecting some beautiful memories again.



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