Dear Younger Me #1

Gabriella, you are far less than perfect. One day you'll realise that being called a retard really isn't that big of a deal. You'll always love being called weird, it's something so beautiful and you will always keep that word very near.

Your friends? Trust me that's a massive other topic. But if I had to pin it down a bit, good. Really good when you stop thinking.

Problems. They're still the same like the ones in primary school to be honest. You just know a bit more answers and there can be a few more questions here and there.

You? You're so good. It's odd, because you won't think that. But when you're going to be writing this letter, you'll realise it for yourself. A year in a journey can change people, as it did you. You watch a couple TV shows, you do what you love. You feel healthier as a person! What is this strange world we live in... You're finally going to complete the dreams you have been creating for so many years. You will finish your first song. Um... Not like you have already though... Um, okay.

You'll stop thinking about things that don't necessarily consider you. You'll love what you do. Everything will start looking like the sky again. Talking about the sky, you still can't find anything to resemble fire. That's all you have left.

And for those who don't understand... isn't that all so much better? I know I will. Perhaps younger me won't understand, but I will. You're getting older, life isn't over. I love you very much, remember to stay for every hug.



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