Crying For 4 Hours

So I am still filling in and these situations don't really go with the dates but oh well.


Who would have thought that it would be today, Valentine's Day, that I'd be crying for so long? I honestly couldn't catch my breath, the worst thoughts kept creeping across my head. If not for the fact that I was in a massive hurry, I may have written a few songs.
Yesterday I had a day of happiness and I was really hoping the sad days were over, but no. Everything just hit me today, everything. It started off from a little argument that I thought didn't effect me. Afterwards, it went on to God knows what. My hands started shaking, I felt off, I didn't want to leave the house anymore. But after those 4 hours I knew that I just had to.
So I stepped on the pavements of the 8 Celsius land and started reciting improvised poetry. Surprisingly, it got me into a better mood and already half the way into the walk to my bus did I have a smile on my face.
My plan was to buy a book and give Julia & Natalie roses. It was quite a mess for a while. Overall though, I really needed the interaction.
Now sitting at home I don't remember the sad parts. I know it happened but nothing to that. What crying, what are you talking about? I'm just getting ready to watch Phan's Undertale video, that's what's up with me...



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