Boys & PMS-ing

SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE A LINE or shall I say they don't feel other peoples lines. I had a conversation with someone just like that, with no lines or line censors and I came back with some conclusions as well as notes from a couple minutes after the act. Happy reading...

So... I appreciate unity and fairness. People who are homophobic, sexist or racist etc. disgust me. After just talking with one person who is all of the above, let's just say I lost all my happiness.

We were sitting on a lesson playing some board games. This guy happened to join us, which was fine. The people around the table started being a bit annoying and messing around rather than actually playing the game so I tried to keep them quiet and normal, while also showing my claws. THIS GUY (let's call him B for Boy) decided to point out how I was acting by saying "Oh Gabby, don't worry. Looks like you're feeling stressed" he said in a sarcastic tone "It's okay, I understand."
I looked at him with the biggest question in my eyes to which I said "I'm pretty sure you don't, in fact I would bet 100zł you don't". I held the question within my eyes to which he answered "No sure... it's your time of the month".


I had enough power in me to through the desk over. The other people sitting at the table were red with anger and embarrassment towards B. My eyes flooded with volcanoes erupting. 3000 screaming mums (for some reason) in my head, my fingers ready to leap over the table and strangle him.

How could he, for the love of God, just assume anything. ANYTHING. He doesn't know me, he obviously doesn't know women since he thinks that's our only problem. I honestly thought I was going to cut a bitch. The fact that he said it and the cockiness in which he said it brought honest disbelief to my ears. I can't contain how one can be so shallow, so ignorant and judging. I replied classically with a few lines before ending the conversation for good. Let's just say that I lost ALL of my respect for him.
  • Never just assume a girl is PMS-ing (AND DO NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD)
  • PMS-ing isn't fun, we can sure give it to you if you like
  • You talking about "our problems" isn't funny, it won't make you popular but will make you lose a whole lot of appreciation. You want problems; guess which girls that hang with you cut themselves or have extreme house problems. GUESS!, you know us so well, don't you?!
So yeah honey, if you ever feel like messing up like that again don't worry. I have an attack planned for you. But babe, I just want you to learn a little respect (just a little bit)!



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