A Very Emotional Post


Inspired by the lovely Connor Franta, a post about various emotions.

HAPPY - I'm still looking for that point in time to fully accept myself and some things in my life. I'm not saying I am completely unhappy - no, I am definitely not as happy as I would like to be. When it comes to my happiness, it would probably go to when I was in England last summer, I hadn't felt so gentle and loved in such a long time. Overall though, this last year has been filled with happy and sad things, so I would just go with this year.

SAD - As I said earlier, it really hasn't been easy. There are times that I actually want to sit under the stars and just ponder about the universe but there are only times. I would say that the best and worst times of my life have all fitted into these last 1 and a half years. Also, something I just remembered, 2012/13 was one of the hardest times in my life. SO many problems with SO many things... I will always have sadder times, lately though that is all I have been getting.

RELAXED - As I also mentioned in my 'happy' description, England was a beautiful time for me. I got out of the country and I saw Brighton, the place I hope to be living in in a couple years. The sea, blue sky and overall feeling of it was so fresh and relaxing, never felt so free.

SURPRISED - I am a bit like Connor, I don't really like getting surprised. I would rather plan something cool and be excited for something that have it out of the blue. Nonetheless, when it comes to surprises, one that just came to mind was when my parents told me to get dressed, get in the car and that's it. I had no idea what was going on and then we pulled up at ballet lessons! As as kid who was always fascinated by dance, movement and those similar, ballet was a tiny (not so tiny) dream of mine that I frequently mentioned. I had never been so peppy in my life, plus I still remember some moves!

SICK -  Ah, sick. So in 2014 I was on a Winter Scout Camp with my fellow scouts. Other than it being one of the most horrible times of my life, I also got food poisoning along with my best friend. I won't go into too much detail for many reasons. This is why I hate tiramisu!

ANGRY - I don't really get angry a lot, I personally hate getting angry. The most angry I have ever been though, was on this one teacher. Let's just say that it was supposed to be a lovely, magical day and he totally ruined it. Ugh, my blood is rushing just thinking about it haha!

JEALOUS - A couple dates come to mind. They are all similar when it comes to one thing though - it is always about my best friend. From the very beginning, when I was 5, I remember being really annoyed that my friend was talking to Laura (my best friend). Whenever I get jealous, it's be being jealous of my best friends. I guess I would rather have them all to myself!

NERVOUS - Okay, get ready for a deep one. I have huge problems with myself, when it comes to stress, self-love and all those. Once, I had enough of everything and I went to my mum and talked to her about anxiety. A couple months earlier I also talked to her about depression, but this was the important one. It was so hard for me to blurt out and as much as she didn't really understand it, I know she took it in and I'm just glad she's aware of it really.

EXCITED - Going back to almost exactly a year ago. I started my YouTube, everyday blog posts, different living, EVERYTHING! I feel like 2015 has been the year of change and I was definitely living that. The first half of 2015 was full of new things that I am still happy from and at the moment I just can't wait till I can afford a new camera hahaha!

AFRAID - This was a toughie. I would have to say now. RIGHT NOW. This time I am in RN. It's all a bit odd at the moment. I would like to look at it differently but can't. Hm... I don't like going into negative things, I'mma leave...

IN LOVE - I feel like this is an important one that honestly cannot be left out. Ever since some time ago I have really started seeing something more in myself, things others don't see. I am completely okay with myself and I really do love myself. Accepting who you are as a person is so vital that me, doing so, I have finally found a different route to happiness.

Well then, there we go. Thanks much for reading and I hope y'all liked it. EMOTIOOOONS!

Love, GABBY  


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