A Story About Noticing

Maybe if I were gone a few days then you'd notice me?
You'd write back to my messages, finally help me?
People keep on telling me that you're not the only fish in the sea,
But it doesn't matter to me that way, you're the only friend I need.

And I know that I have problems, we all do, don't we just?
And I see more than I own myself, now that is a thrust.
I try to keep you near at all times, I really need your trust.
I know you may not understand, but that is a must.

So just in case you feel surrounded, tell me fast.
I'll forget about our friendship and take the ship to Mars.
I will make friends with a little alien and have a blast,
Then all that happened with us with go to the past.

What I do is tiring, I truly understand.
I feel the same as I tell you, it really isn't grand.
But if what I need to keep you is too keep my feelings canned,
Then oh shall I do so, for you to be at hand.



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