A Story About Dance


Dreams are elegant and confusing, at least for me. I tend to wonder how certain people show up in my dreams. I'm able to control my dreams too, so everything happens under my watchful eye. But why do certain people show up? That's one thing this dream didn't answer.

I was on a class trip. Imagine your first love, mine was there. Him and a load of other people I have known in my past and they created my class. No teachers anywhere, just us in a massive hall.
"Hello there! I assume you're the class from Kraków? We're going to be your dance instructors for the day!" said two woman aged just over 20. They put on the music and we all started doing some stretches and exercises. Then came the question that I didn't know if I was dreading or not...
"Who likes to dance?" I very slowly, shyly put my hand up along with the guy, my first love. I hadn't loved him for what felt like ages, but looking at him and thinking about the first time we danced, all the times we had danced... it brought some kind of odd but strangely satisfying memories to my head.
They then asked if we were fine to dance in front of our classmates. He nodded surely, I a bit less behind him. They told us that they were going to turn on some songs 30 seconds at a time that we were supposed to dance to, the best we could. I turned to him, his eyes were staring me round, glistening. They gave me hope that I wouldn't fall.
We took our places on the dance floor. We looked at each over one last time before turning to the audience and waiting for the sounds.
And we were off.
The music started thumping through us, we were so in tune with each over. We knew when we did what. Ever turn, flip, roll, everything happened like it was supposed to without any plan. 

It then came to "Lay me down" by Sam Smith. I had been planning a routine for this exact song for over a year now. It was perfect for so many reasons. This also happened to be the only song that hadn't been played from the beginning. We started just before the last chorus was song. The dramatic moments. The boy span me round, still synced. He signalised that he wants to lift me at the start of the chorus. I got ready, opened my mind as far as I could and ran towards him, hopeful. He picked me up and spun me around so he was holding my back and my front was towards the sky. He then span me towards him when the music was right after which I slowly wrapped my legs around his waist and lowered myself into a hug.



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