10 Things I Learned When I Forgot My Headphones

Honestly... I feel so down today. I don't really know what it is. I'm just writing this post and going to sleep! But nonetheless, let me tell you what happened in the day when I forgot to take my headphones from home... It wasn't fun.

  1. You will get bored with your sudoku and will like to play some Troye Sivan but won't have what on.
  2. A song will probably get stuck in your head which you also won't be able to play.
  3. You're probably going to end up playing something really loudly on your phone by accident in a really quiet place.
  4. Chewing gum is your worst enemy and you'll probably end up sitting next to someone chewing it.
  5. Crunchy food? Good luck hearing the music in the background.
  6. You know you want to walk in your headphones like they do in the movies, you know it.
  7. People can totally hear your conversations cause you're ABSOLUTELY DEAF.
  8. People will probably want something from you. You don't have music flowing into your ears, there aren't really any blockages.
  9. Every radio everywhere has the music you hate, sorry.
  10. In the end you'll end up in your bed, with you lovely headphones watching YouTube. It will always end well.
Well, looks like I know who my best friend is!



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