10 Things I Learned About Loneliness

I was always the type of person who liked having a small amount of absolute best friends that I would spend time with. For me that was great, having a very closed group. Unfortunately with that come the other people, said friends. If they don't want to be exclusive and they hang out with other people, I get lonely. REAAALLY lonely. And I don't really know what to do with myself! So how come I learned something? Ha! I guess you'll have to read for yourself.

  1. It's all in your brain - you're lonely if you make yourself to be. That's the unfortunate truth.
  2. It really isn't impossible to make friends.
  3. People could be waiting for you to come up to them - people are shy too.
  4. Most people like making friends.
  5. There are always so many interesting people around you that you may have not noticed before.
  6. If you honestly don't feel like interacting with any new people personally, you can find something different to do with your free time or meet people through the internet, if that seems easier.
  7. Don't go mad on your friends for "abandoning" you. They probably don't even realise how you feel. They have the right to be social with other people, you know.
  8. Don't make hectic revenge plans on what you're going to do to your best friends now that they've left you. They 99% probably don't hate you!
  9. If you do in fact feel like your friends have been gone recently then try to talk to them or just arrange some kind of meeting with them.
  10. In the end there really is a lot of people on Earth and I realised that I have some pretty cool people in my class other than the people I'm used to talking to and the internet gathers some pretty awesome munchkins too! There are so many ways to meet new people, all you have to do is reach out. xx

So that's that. And now a little story time too #wowbonus #omg #yesthen

I am writing these posts a little late, but the date is matching so it's fine. Today: 24/02/16, yesterday: 23/02/16. This post is scheduled for yesterday and what I'm about to say also is from yesterday. Hope y'all understand and now...

As I said earlier, I like having a really small number of my closest friends around me at all time. That's what I like the most. I think this may change after yesterday though.

You see, for God knows how long I have been feeling extremely lonely. With my best friend in England, my other best friend on the other side of Kraków and my other best friend being extremely social (wow, such a bad thing!) I just didn't know where to go! I only realised this now, while writing this post, that yesterday was a super social day for me!
First off, I got to school too early and ended up talking with one of my guy friends for over half an hour. After that I had some lovely talks with my best friend and really good friend. Then I talked with these two friends of mine for 2 hours and some boys for around 10 minutes. After that I ended up having a tickle fight that lasted 10 minutes with a guy friend, and then spoke to another guy friend throughout the whole last lesson. And then, as if to finish it off, I stayed outside school for around 15 minutes with a bunch of my friends (while eating popcorn, that's a very important detail). So... I was very social for once. I still can't comprehend how any of this happened to such a usually lonely little girl, but it did!

Odd, but very settling. I love meeting new people and getting to know other peoples opinions, ways of thinking. It was a lovely day to get to know all of my friends again. There are only so little things we actually see in a person before having in-depth conversations with them.



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