The See'ers

Okay, am I the only person who has these types of people in their lives? These people are the ones I dislike a lot.

You wake up. You and Person A are supposed to go hiking. Before you start getting ready, you turn on your laptop and do something you kept thinking about doing during the night. You're really happy and you're about to finish when the internet crashes and you really need to save your masterpiece. At this point Person A comes in and tells you to get ready. You say okay and that you just need to save one little thing.
The person looks at you like at a crazy person and says the words
"No, let's not go. I can see you can't be bothered to go."
Anger fills your mind.
The Internet still isn't back.
You can't even be bothered to fight because this is the 235237th time this has happened.
You scream a little sentence and think about how the hike wouldn't be nice now anyway.

This has just happened to me. I am SO DONE with some people, it's just not even funny. I try to act differently than other people. I created a different personality I could say. One of the things I HATE, are people butting in to my personal space like it's theirs.

I. Hate. It.

So people, if you FEEL like the person you're going somewhere with doesn't really want to go, feel free to ASK. Don't pressure it down on them that they don't want to go because if you keep doing so, in some time they really won't want to go anywhere with you.



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