The Ones You Can't Have A Conversation With

I am an extremely creative person, as I have stated numerous times. I thoroughly enjoy conversations. There's something about other people and their opinions, speech in general and many other factors that all add up into burying me in a massive hole of 'interest'. It's not a bad thing though, on contrary! I love it, I ADORE it.

Conversation is needed in life. It's impossible to go without it. Even if you don't speak to anyone out loud, on the computer, in your head or dreams or anything you can control, your brain will always be sending signals to the other parts of your body. It's a system you need and consider your body parts as talking things, cause they kind of are!

Anyhow, I know a very little amount of people who are incapable of talking, but I do. By talking I mean that these people are hateful towards every single subject you bring up, or even they bring up! Every. Single. ONE.
This just makes life so much harder than it already was. I have a certain person in my life (let's go with Bish-A) and she hates on every topic. Whenever I try to put the conversation on me she suddenly loses interest in everything and throws this kind of tantrum you could say because how is it that I do the things I do... I don't understand myself.
The best in Bish-A's opinion is to forever and more talk about her and her many many problems. All the topics of the world are bad if they don't include her. Cause as she said, I DON'T CARE.

Well then, do y'all have people like that in your lives? People who discriminate every topic? People who are only okay with whining about themselves? Jeez, I need to get out more...



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