Sometimes Things Change

So, when I had that long thinking session today in the morning (couldn't sleep) I started thinking a little about this blog.

I have been posting here 'everyday' hehe for 9 months now. I have been wondering for quite some time what is going to happen with this blog.

I hate the fact that I can get constantly late and stress out over not putting out a blog post and so on. It's not that easy posting every single day.

I also really wouldn't like to go on a creativity pause, stopping being creative.

The decision is final.

Once I have done The Journey Journal for a full year... I won't be posting every day.

It isn't horrible! I'm so excited just thinking about it when half a year ago I was absolutely dreading the thought.

My blog posts aren't going to be so mishy-mashy anymore, there will be content. Bold, standing out content.

I will be posting once a week for sure and perhaps more if I feel like it.

Perhaps one day I'll come back to doing this everyday. I'm not concentrated enough to do it everyday at this very moment though. It would take the whole magic out of it, I feel.

Enough said, there is still a few months to go before I go to once-a-week-and-maybe-more posts. Ugh, I feel so emotional.

Nonetheless, I can't wait to talk to y'all again. Byyyyee!



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