Sleepless Nights

For some reason I am that person who can not sleep all night and then be completely energised, does anyone else have this?

People already think I'm crazy when I'm in school at 7 am and I look like I won a million dollars! I guess I like living through as much of the day as I can.

Nights are my personal time for thoughts and dreams and often, because I don't want to miss these 'me' things, I just don't fall asleep and listen to what I have to say.

Sometimes it's not just the personal issues, sometimes I am just so stressed out or excited that I can't possibly fall asleep!

Often I have such a lovely thought that I just want to make a live dream out of it, it's too perfect. I want to witness it all happen, even if it's only in my head, I just do not want to miss it.

Do any of y'all have these creepy sleeping habits? What do y'all do when you can't fall asleep?



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