Trust me, I am the most anti-homophobic person there is in the world.

When it comes to sexuality I think this - people have complete right to love whoever they like and be attracted to whoever they like.

We live in a world were genders are just genders, we are people.

When I hear about people being degraded for their sexuality it sickens me, actually sickens. I can't believe they are setting somebody down because they love a gender, that others don't.

It doesn't matter! Sexuality doesn't define a person.

The worst is people asking and judging by it, what does anybody's sexuality have to do with, for example a job? WHAT KIND OF MESSED UP HEAD DOES THAT IDEA GO INTO?

Your sexuality is yours. You decide, stand with pride. Don't let people get the best of you, they're just humans. Give yourself you best shot at life.



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