Growing up makes you build walls. Those walls can both help you as can destroy you.

Life is like a puzzle. Some take to it and do their best at solving it, others don't give a care in the world and rather do something else.

You see, we have so many people working to solve existence, life and every impossible question asked so far. We might never find the answers. Same with life problems, as in the things in our lives. In the end those walls will go to other people, the knowledge. If we make life a problem, it will be.

The truth is that we're all strong, no matter how much. We are the same, even though we have differences we can differentiate. It doesn't matter!

Life if short and I try to tell this to at least one person every day, for one day you might wake up and realise how much life you had missed.

Don't worry, you're powerful and go show exactly that to the world.



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