Oh Foes...

I don't like the feeling of having enemies. Same with haters. I was born a person who dreamt of world piece. I remember the exact day when I got my first hater. Her name was xxxx hahaha. I'm not going to put her on blast! We were 8/9 when she started bullying me but to be honest, I don't really remember caring too much. She never was too fond of me though. Every time we see each over she puts on this fake smile that I hate ever so much.

Nonetheless, she wasn't really too bad. It got worse a couple years later. I'm not going to put this girl on blast either, it was just a hard thing I had to get through and managed to. I remember every single day, everything she did. I can't believe it. Funny thing is that we were actually best friends for a while. That's what she was telling me at the time anyway. I knew how I felt, I don't know about her. Then when she gave me the nemesis card it was torture. After I hadn't spoken to her for a year, my super sweet card came up and I had a thought of talking to her, I don't know why but I did. I asked my friend beforehand and she told me it was a terrible idea and I didn't write. A couple months later though, the thought bugged me again and I gave in and wrote to her. She totally blew me off. I'm not too sure what I was expecting really. I just wanted to be on the clean with her, looks like she still hated me for God knows what. Eh, some people just never change.



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