Just Tell Me You Love Me

Ugh, love really has been bothering me lately.

I feel my recent anxiety might just have something to do with that too...

Nonetheless, scenarios still come to my head.

I love just being in a classroom and thinking of a wild situation...
I'm sitting there, in chemistry, gazing at the whiteboard thinking about him. His eyes, they bring me to dreams... Oh my! It's him!
"Joe Sugg!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
"Gabby!" he shouts back. We run towards each over aiming to embrace in the middle of the class. We're so close to each over and... I fall over to realise that I was just dreaming and the whole class is staring at me, waiting to answer a question my teacher asked ages ago.
That's mostly what they look like.

Humour never leaves me I guess.

No but seriously Joe, tell me you love me.



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