It's Officially The Beginning

I find the idea of it being a new year tremendously exciting but school coming round the corner terrifies me ever so much.

People put a lot of pressure on each new year. I feel like it's just an amount of time before people go back to work, realise the lack of time and all the problems and just go back to being their normal selves.

I have many issues, I'm a person after-all. This year I want to prove people who wronged me, and mostly - myself. This past year has been utterly terrible. There are many things I can point out which made me feel so much better and more positive, but the amount of hate I have received and damage to my inside self is horrible.

Other than proving to myself and others what I am worth, I just want to chill a bit, stop pressuring myself so much. I am a people pleaser and a perfectionist which is just madness. I spend hours every day pondering about my life and what it is, why I make it the way it is. I just don't want to look back on my life in a few years and say what a terrible time it was. I don't want to live for nothing because that's not what it's about!

Step up to my abilities and to the things I can do! We are all capable of incredible things, it's just our point to do them.



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