I have anxiety. I do, nothing crazy. I don't make my life a girl-with-anxiety life.

Unfortunately, it makes me think many things. Things that aren't true and make me feel horrid in every way.

Things my stupid mind is trying to make me believe:
  • my friends don't love me
  • I should leave my best friends (or they've left me already)
  • people are planning something to destroy me behind my back
  • I mean nothing.
Basically life hasn't been saving me. Nonetheless, I panicked and jumped to Julia, who actually managed to help me out a lot.

She started telling me about the fact that she also didn't feel to great and then she sprinkled glitter all over her face and started dancing and singing to her favourite music on loudspeaker. I was actually feeling much better until she asked what happened.

I don't like talking about these things. I know their not true (at least most of them) and that it's just my head, but the getting away from the worries is that hardest part.

Jewels telling me those stupid things she does made me feel better and I asked her to do that more often, whenever, wherever (we're meant to be together *that's for you J*).

I asked her what else I could do and after some brainstorming she said "painting". I had a vision, it was much nicer than the thunder previously in my brain. I kept a tight grip at it. That's what I'm going to do, I'm gonna paint and draw again. I can't believe how much I've missed it.

So once again yes, there is hope. Don't forget what your friends mean, if they say they love you and you trust them like I do my friends, they must be telling the truth.




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