Sorry I went M.I.A.. I went on the ultimate journey to my past... I went through every single blog post on this blog, EVER.

When I wrote my first post I was 12 years old... Mad. I went from 12 year old Gabby to 14 year old Gabby. So many feelings.

One thing I realised is that this blog really helped me. It is so dear to me that I can't believe! I just couldn't take in how upset I used to be comparing to now, it really has gotten better! Looking through all of the good and bad memories has just been the biggest journey of them all.

It's crazy to think that one post on my blog has over 40 views... What? I'm not sure how that happened. It's a tad upsetting that some posts, which are extremely close to my heart don't have as many or more! Nonetheless, the growth of me as a human is extraordinary. I'm so proud of myself.



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