I am that person who everyone always sees, everyone has to have an opinion on.

I hate that SO much, but it's way too late to get out of it now.

Because of this, I became anxious about everything I'd say or do because I knew I would get judged no matter what. This also led to me having confidence and organisation issues.

It came to a point that people who I thought were my great friends started talking about me behind my back saying I should go do something with my life or that I as a person am nothing.

It was extremely hard thinking about those things. I had thoughts that I don't wish for anyone to ever have.

Those situations, those people led me to think that I must be awesome. Wut? You weren't expecting that, eh? Since they're trying to drag me down like that, they must be quite terrified of my awesomeness!

Those things they'd nag about I turned into beautiful compliments. Hard to believe.

Someone said that me 'acting like a psychologist' isn't funny any more. Well to me it's much more than that. I don't just act like a psychologist, I just have way deeper thoughts and more feelings than that boy will ever have.

See what I mean? People only take into consideration those, who can beat them down! The fact that people try to beat me down no matter where I am is challenging and I've given in to the pressure many times.

The truth is, realizing that you're a powerful person is confidence. Everyone has it. YOU ARE POWERFUL AND CAN DO WONDERFUL THINGS. I'm going to come back to those people some day and ask what exactly they were thinking while they were saying those horrible things.

People can be idiots, deal with it. But YOU can be better than them.



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