5 Years Can Change You

Ever since I can remember, I have always been living in the future. In a way, this helps me get through many things that trouble me. This also is the reason to my many 'movie-like moments' as in closing my eyes and opening them again, imagining that when I open them in that way, I'll be much older. And I do it, I remember it. I can see it. The first time I did this was probably when I was around 7. I'm now 14 and a half. Who would have imagined?

It's incredible. Absolutely. I remember doing this 5 years ago, exactly then. Why 5 years ago? I moved to Poland 5 years ago. That's when so many things changed and I didn't know how. I look back on these years often, now especially. I can't believe it. It's honestly so crazy to believe.

I love Poland a lot, as I do England. And I have equal problems with both countries haahaha! SOO many people think I prefer one country from the other. No, in fact, I don't. Okay, the feels (and pheels - 3 hours of videos btw) have gotten to me. I need to go ponder in the bath, bye!



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