The Twenty-Seventh - Night Life Is Good For You

Do you ever have the urge to go and express yourself? To just run and scream to the world that you're thinking something different than you're saying?

I've had that a lot lately.

I seem to constantly be searching for time instead of using it.

It's slipping through my fingers and I don't get any chances to hold it.

When I look around me I don't understand. It's like I don't belong. It's like I'm not living the right life. I see myself doing things that are creative, worldwide. I dream about it. I dream about it enough that I've made myself believe it's true.

I feel as if there are many things wrong but instead of fixing them I'm running, I'm taking the other route.

Right now I'm not thinking about what I'm writing, I'm just going with what my fingers want. It's like my heart has taken control and is letting the words fly.

I want to be bold.

Is that so weird?

Why does it have to be so hard to learn, to teach, to tidy, to be on time, to be a better person?

I'm leaving out many things because I don't want perfect.

I'm treading on my own possibilities.

Hello? Life? I'm calling. I want you to be real again. I want you to come back to me. Can you hear?

I've been a little out lately, I apologise. I guess I just have a lot of feeling that people around me don't understand. Do any of y'all feel this way? Like you're different but also not understood?



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