The Twenty-Second - Presents

It's still after Christmas guys! FILLING IN.

Some people really don't care what they buy.

In my family, we have a tradition of "every house buys everyone presents", in other words: me, mum and my sister buy together for everyone, uncle and aunt...

In my house, we always try to think of rather appropriate things to buy, we don't want the present to be thrown out once they get it or anything!

Some people obviously don't feel that way.

What can I say, buying puzzles for your father-in-law is most definitely not a good idea.

Same thing with buying a 21 year-old a crap-material handbag with a flower on it (basically something either made for a 5 year-old or by a 5 year-old).

Somebody took the safe route of buying chocolate for everyone. Better that than some 'I have no idea what to buy so here, this was from the junk' presents.

Next year, I swear to God, I'm writing a list of what I want and I'm giving it out to my fam. I'm gonna make everyone do the same.

Some people just need the help hahaha!



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