The Twenty-First - Lack Of Interest

I'm not gonna lie. Christmas is over but I'm filling in these blog posts since I've fallen waay behind.

So do you know that feeling when you propose an idea and the people around you are too lazy and don't believe in your idea enough to make it happen?

It's like in those movies when the main character thinks of something great but because nobody sees anything good in her they just throw out the idea no matter what.

I have the position of that main character.

Imagine this: me and some of my family are sitting round the Christmas Dinner Table and we've already finished eating and everything so it's time to do something, if it's talking or whatever.

I specially took a few games (extremely simple and fun ones, may I add) so that we can actually have some family bonding time. As much as ONE PERSON round the table is interested, the rest of my family look at me, giving me the go away kid, this is big people talk look.

Sometimes I would love to take a test to see how old they think I am.

I could bet on the fact that some people would say 10.

Well, I guess some people wanted to stare at their shoes all afternoon.

At least I had my Christmas present book with me so... #WINNER



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