The Twenty-Fifth - Being Afraid Of Love

I have never got to feel love. I have had a boyfriend before and I most obviously love my family, but now I'm talking about that other person connection.

Some time ago, I would ponder about having the love of my life with me and that that was the only way to happiness.

Only now, when I have people around me in love, asking for my advice, do I see how different things are.
Love isn't scary if it's love.
You might not know it's love. It's that thing when seeing someone melts your heart over and over and you feel good with them, like you fit.

Relationships don't always work out but they don't ruin your life either. I find relationships as gateways to becoming stronger. I don't have much experience since my first and last boyfriend was when I was 8/9...

None the less, give into love. Trust me.

It's nothing bad if it makes you both happy.

There really is nothing to be afraid of and take my word on it!



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