The Thirty-First - Dreams Of A New Year

It is currently 1am on New Year's Eve and I most obviously can't sleep. 

Gabriella, it is true.
There is a year, it is new.
2016, to be exact,
Let me tell you a bit about that... 

This year will bring you joy and red cheeks,
You won't need to count all the weeks.
This year will turn out to be the best!
It is your time for your own small success. 

Fashion and makeup won't be a scheme,
Maybe you'll stick to your Instagram theme?
You and your friends together when in doubt,
You will get your opportunity to shout! 

Family close, family closer,
Loved ones always at a reminder.
Maybe ratatouille will finally get made?
Or you'll go with the famous carrot cake.

More little records, new adventures,
Raise enough to buy that camera!
Healthy both inside and out,
And if anything, just be loud. 

Be creative and happy as can be,
Watch YouTube like your own movie.
Do what you love forever and more,
And never let your life be a bore. 

I strongly wish that all people will live happily. Troubles are troubles, but they're just little bumps in your road. I wish for this new turn, this new year, to be better than all the others. For everyone to get what they need and try for what they want. May 2016 take us to where we belong! If you dream enough, it's more probable to come true. 

I love you all, I love all of you.


Best wishes, 2015 <3


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