The Thirteenth - Christmas Essentials

My essentials for Christmas are pretty standard to be honest. It's just a short list of beautiful & lovely things that are great to have at XMAS.


BY GOLLY! I can't even get on without these amazing warmth-givers! They don't have to be Christmas or Winter themed just as long as they are super comfy and beautiful.


As I wrote a blog posts about books not to long ago now I'm showing y'all the books I'm reading this XMAS time! I'm starting to read Girl Online again so that's the hot topic as I could say very weirdly but still!


I think it's kinda natural to just want teddies. For me it stopped being normal when I got over 100 of them. Unfortunately, my collection got horribly short when I lost almost every teddy in the move from England to Poland. I had 1 single teddy left, the smallest of them all. His name is Info-Emo. I gotta tell you, that because he's so small I've had troubles finding him too but I'll tell you when I find him. The 4 I have been curling up to most to lately though, are Bing, Claus, Andy and Bob. Bob is the reindeer and Bing, Claus and Andy are the biiiig teddies, the first ones I got after loosing the old ones.


Troye Sivan is the best over the best. I live for his music every day if it's Christmas or nah! Michael Buble same! He is one of the best things that has happened to music. Thank you for the best, boys!



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