The Tenth - Reading

I am a great lover of reading but I tend to have problems with actually getting myself to read. I live in a country where the schools are incredibly extravagant, wild, have over 13 subjects and all the subjects are extremely wide. The teachers for some reason expect us to learn 40 pages worth of material from every subject monthly. I come home being so sick of books that the last thing that comes to mind is to grab one! Don't get me wrong though, I really love reading, I just get stressed by reading because it reminds me of school.

My Favourite Books:

  1. Many books by Roald Dahl (including: Matilda, The Magic Finger, The Twits, James And The Giant Peach...)
  2. Chronicles of Archeo (pl: Kroniki Archeo) Polish detective, adventure books which honestly make me dive in and watch everything going on!
  3. Animal Ark series
  4. Gabby from the future... I have also read Connor Franta's "A Work In Progress" and damn, I love this book a ton!
The truth about the other books:

I also am in possession of many YouTuber books including: Zoe Sugg's 3 books (both parts in Polish, the first part in English), Connor Franta's memoir, Tanya Burr's Love Tanya and a few more, yet I haven't every finished any book. I'm so ashamed of it. I've read the beginning, middle and end of Zoe's first book in English and well, I didn't need to read more. I read very minimum parts of Tanya's and Connor's books too. It's mostly because of what I wrote about earlier. But, because I bought Zoe's second book a few days ago, I'm setting my mind on reading all the YouTubers books as fast as I can and to read at least two by the end of the year! Yeah! READING!

Love, Gabby  


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