The Seventeenth - Some People Never Change

Is it just me or do some people really never change? I keep hearing from everyone around me "Oh, do you remember that person? Yeah, she is so different now!" and then when it comes to seeing the person it turns out the behave the exact same way towards me.

Not everyone will get along on this planet because everyone has different priorities and some people stick to them more than others.
It's like one person's vision of a professional job is a lawyer and the other's is a blogger / magazine writer. And while one person may accept the other view, the other person won't!

What can I say? I like being on healthy standards with the people around me. Points of view are peoples' personal inside thoughts and they have their rights to them.

There will never be a day when everyone is going to be everybody's best friend. It's just the way of life!
 Cherish those who are good to you.

Love, GABBY 


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