The Nineteenth - School Stress



People stereotyped (my favourite word btw) school to be this scary, tough institute, where if you fail at it you're not going to get anywhere in life. No? No. That's not it at all.

Sure, school opens many doors for you but if you're failing one subject that doesn't mean you're going to fail it forever!

Poland is known for having brainiacs. It's true. But with those brainiacs also come education problems! Me as a Polish student, I can point out that Polish schools bash the pupils with tests, smaller tests and just so many things that the youngsters can't catch up. We have over 15 subjects for crying out loud! And not like in England where you can choose them, we get handed all of our subjects and you can't discuss which ones you take. You take all of them.

This is the thing I hate most about the system. Teachers are expecting us to be so smart and to have time to learn all of these things. They most obviously think that we have too much free time and we study for only one test. Thank you teachers for your concern.

One of the ways kids go along with the system is by cheating - that's the reason for which teachers think we're bloody geniuses when the truth is that half of them doesn't understand the material. I am one of those EXTREMELY RARE PEOPLE (by the looks of it) who doesn't cheat on tests. Any tests. So I have to most literally cram material from so many subjects into my still tiny little head.

Education is blooming hard, it is. Especially when the system isn't making in all that easy for you. I hate falseness. I hate cheating. The school education sometimes makes me wonder if I shouldn't start! That's what it's leading to. It sickens me thinking about it but if teachers are incapable of teaching and you have to remember 100 pages from 15 subjects every month good luck education. It's not our fault, it's theirs.


As I said, it's impossible to be an everything-genius. IMPOSSIBLE. Of course, it may depend on what you're learning and so on but still, it's impossible to know absolutely everything. School is hard, okay but once you're through with it there are so many more open doors.

You can go to collage where you learn something specific, not 200 different topics. You can do whatever your little heart desires! School is just an institute and grades are just things teachers scare you with to show they have power over you. In the end, they're just grades. Don't worry, because you really don't have what to worry about. Push to your limits but don't overflow them. Keep in what you are happy about and don't break a sweat.



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