The Fourth - Being Out All Day

Being busy is great for me! There are always so many problems with it though! If I'm doing things I hate then I get all panicky that I'm doing so many things I dislike. If I'm doing things I love I am annoyed I'm busy and can't do the great things for longer!!!

Today was a mix of many things. I woke up at 5 and left for school past 6. I got to school extremely early at 6:45 (baring in mind that school starts at 7:30) so I got off my bus one stop early and took some pictures. Then there was the walk to McDonald's for cappuccino but obviously with my luck they couldn't move their bums to open at 7:00 like they were supposed to.

Anyway, next I went to school and you know. Later I visited my old school and a few friends. I wish I could've stayed but I had to get to a bridge tournament in Cracow. I then spent over 30 minutes getting there because I kept getting lost. I also had to get something to eat, which I managed to do, and then I hopped to the competition. We got 2nd place (me and Natalie). Wooo! After finishing the tournament my phone had already died so I borrowed my friends phone and informed my mum that I'm on my way. It was somewhat around 20:10 at that point. I went to the bus stop and waited till 21:00 but nothing came. I then figured to walk over 2 kilometres to my gran's house, yay! Basically I then had to wait over an hour for my mum to come and then we drove for quite a long time and I got home at around 23:30. Being on my feet for so long is just not that great haha!



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