The Fourteenth - I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings

You know those days when you're just completely happy and then someone says something completely out of nowhere and it just totally downs you? I have those days at least once a month.

When someone tells me to shut up or that they don't care... I just lose it inside. Those words tend to be the absolute worst. I'm just trying to talk to you, okay? If you don't like me tell it to my face instead of hurting my feelings.

Why does hurting seem easier than saying "Sorry, I don't feel that we're getting along. Don't get me wrong or anything but I just can't see you as a friend. Sorry again". Sure, it doesn't seem easy at all until you've done it. But why is hurting the first choice?

Be real to me. That's all I care about. If you want to drown me in your crap I am not the one.



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