The Fifth - Love

The trickiest question I was ever asked was "What's the definition of love?". I remember just smiling ever so slightly and thinking if there even was an answer. The truth is that everyone sees the question in different perspectives depending from their experiences. For me love is messed up or more like the love in my life is messed up.
Love is the feeling of passion, happiness and trust to a person. A person who you imagine doing everyday things with. When you can't dream of your future without that person, that's when you know it's love.
Love can be the best or worst thing in ones life. Real love is so fragile at the beginning and so easy to pass. Real love is the most amazing experience though, it drowns me though that love doesn't come as quick as one may want.

In the movies people fall in love all the time. It almost isn't possible for a movie not to join together parts of the cast. That's why a lot of people feel betrayed, unhappy and depressed because they can't find that perfect love.

Someone once said this to me. It's easy to say that it's true. You can try looking for love but the best solution is to just keep your eyes open and wait till it finds you.



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