Why Your Brain Is Important

So I was playing a very lovely game of chess today and it got me thinking - what's with our generation and intelligence? I see so many people everyday who just don't seem to care about being smart or about their brain and say that they would gladly live without it for a couple less kilos.

Um, no?! No, no, no, no, no????? What's wrong with you?! When I'm talking about being smart I'm talking about those simple, simple stuff. I'm not talking about reciting Shakespeare by heart or anything, just simple logic. The truth is that you need some kind of intelligence to go on in life.

So you may want to be a magazine article writer? Yeah, you need to know how to write to do that. And with magazines it's proper writing!
Or maybe a home designer? You need to know how to advertise yourself and make your choices appealing.
Photography (I'm talking as jobs, all of these are as jobs)? You need to know how to contact people and there's just so many people into photography that it's almost impossible getting there.
Talking about things that are almost impossible - modelling. Okay, so here's one thing you don't need to be very intelligent to do, but getting into modelling and being successful is something that many dream about.

Whatever you would like to do, you need some intelligence, so please dear people, don't go filling yourselves with McDonald's and partying everyday. Grab a book and learn something because some day it could just save you.



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