What I Hate About Being Ill

My "Hallelujah" dance move...
So yes, I'm finally staying home, resting and regenerating. I feel terrible and I'm just super glad I can stay home and do all the things I need to do and not burn the house down and all that. So, since I have time, I'm gonna tell y'all a bit about what I hate about being ill.

  1. The whole being ill part - staying home is awesome, but not when you're unable to breathe through your nose, or too cold to move or feeling like crap. That's just not much fun, isn't it?
  2. Diets - when I'm ill there's always some kind of diet, it could be not drinking/eating cold stuff, staying away from artificial stuff... There's always something.
  3. Medication -  I almost always forget to take my meds, so I have to stumble upon them to actually remember. Also, side effects? Yeah, they like me. They really like me.
  4. Work - when I'm super-duper ill, I'm not allowed out of my room haha! But when I feel a small piece better I magically have to start doing all that work I hadn't done when I was feeling worse. Fun, eh?
  5. Incapability of leaving the house -  sometimes I just want to go and buy myself something in the shop, take photos of a ladybug or maybe flirt with a hot guy, but how am I even supposed to do that when I cannot leave the house?
  6. Procrastination - yup, we all know.
  7. Coming back to school - some of my teachers are fine and all, but others can scream for 10 minutes about how I'm so irresponsible for not writing something bla bla bla...

So that's what it looks like in my situation! How about with y'all?




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