So we are still alive because we are capable of thinking. The way we think can be very different, it's very rare for people to have exactly the same thoughts all the time. So when it comes to opinions there's always a bush to go through.

Some people will say Tumblr is great, it's their whole life, others will say it destroys peoples minds. Some won't have a clue what Tumblr is and other people might not even have an opinion on it.
Nothing is certain, people try to place tags on things so that other people will think alike.
Some shop is expensive! In some restaurant they have bad food! Chinese is the hardest language to learn! Playing the piano is easy! You have to be skinny!

It gets on my nerves how society thinks we need guide lines and can't have our own opinions on things. Because of the labels, people can reject everything, even the parts of life that are real.

I for example, know a person who has fully rejected the basics and now has trust issues. Anyone who may try to help her she'll say is a creep, because she doesn't know otherwise.

Life gave us a tough time and it IS partly our fault for not listening to certain things our family may say. It's so hard to have objectives, but that's life. It only sucks if you don't change it.



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