A Story About People Being People

It was a nice and cold autumn day and two girls are walking to their lockers.

They are hugging and being very happy with every moment they're spending with each over because they are great friends. The locker rooms are very crowded and the girls trip over. The busyness goes on with barely anyone noticing the fall.
There were a few guys older that them though, that seeing what happened didn't care and just said "Wow, what lesbians". One girl walked forward not hearing, the other pretended not to hear to then stare the guy down.
'He was probably around 15, quite tall, standing around his guy friends. I couldn't believe that he thought what he said was funny or cool. I don't know what he thought, he obviously thought it was some kind of flaw though. Being gay, bi, pan sexual or ANYTHING is fine. If there are people making fun of others like that or calling people things they just don't have a heart or a head. It sickens me that people can think of gay people, etc. as bad, offensive characters. It honestly makes me so mad. They have never done anything to you.'

"People are people, never stop them from that" thought the girl boldly. She never thought a bad word again. She knew the truth and if others didn't want to hear it, all she had to do is think about the fact that she's the smarter one.



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