The School Situation

I'm going to start posting long blog posts now, not just filling in.

So basically school has been getting the most of me lately and I didn't really know what was going on with me and I have been trying to calm myself down, which is a skill I am unexpectedly improving! Anyway, I've searched through the clutter in my brain and I am now positive, that it is in fact due to The School Situation. I have no clue how it is where you live, so tell me, but when it comes to Poland it looks like this...  

(DISCLAIMER: I have something I like to call School Depression. I feel hate and anxiousness towards school, so if I say something unpleasant it's probably due to the school stress)

Okay, so Poland is known for brainiacs and intelligent people, who most obviously have to come from good schools. Well, problem is that those schools have some of the crappiest regulations and rules that they make school a living hell whole. The educational system is crap, no normal person can keep up with the amounts of tests we have. Each teacher thinks we're going to be 100% dedicated to their subject, but what about the other subjects? 100% for over 15 subjects? How in the bloody world?...

Giving us this many subjects they're already setting us for destruction. The government doesn't go to school and it doesn't look like they care for us either. It's not too hard to believe that all the teens want to leave Poland once they finish school. Poland isn't giving anyone a shot at their dreams or anything and after finishing school in Poland you just don't want to go to another school.

It's all extremely overwhelming and stressful, having to deal with your own problems and then so much of school. All I'm saying really is to make school a pleasant environment where people will learn actual helpful information and where they won't have to stress their lives off for education! Is that really a lot to ask for?




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