There are times that you just need someone to pull you in the right direction, not push - pull. You need a little boost. I get it, I have that. For anyone who doesn't have anyone to boost them, listen up:

You are a fire, you're alive. You didn't give up so many times.
You're racing with life, fast as the light.
Lovely as love, best like above.
Heart held high, equal with the sky.

You are amazing and you can do what you want to do. You ARE powerful. I'm here for you and I trust in you. You can do whatever you wish, whatever feels right in your heart. But I will care no matter what and watch you when you go, because all I want is your happiness, I don't want any wrong. I'll be your rope.



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Reasons To Be Happy

  • Dreams Coming True
  • Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Dreams
  • YouTubers
  • Photos
  • NYC
  • A Warm Hug
  • Infinity Love
  • Animals
  • The Sky
  • A Nice Book
  • All Your Loved Ones
  • Friends That Love You
  • Family
  • Food
  • Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • Pizza
  • Nutella
  • Everything There Is In The World That Brings A Smile To Your Face

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