Hey, consecutive numbers! Would you look at that?!

Anyhoo, I finally did a bit or redecorating! One of my walls looks totally different and it's still going to change, my Christmas tree is up and shining... Everything seems to be looking great! I'm also filming a XMAS DIY stuff video, I'm just hoping I actually make it with all the decorating and stuff. If I run out of time, I won't really care too much because hopefully next year I'm going to have a much better camera and editing system so the videos are going to be much better anyway! WEEE! I CAN'T WAIT!

Just as a little side topic I wanted to talk about YouTube. When I started out I though I was going to be "found" and brought to the top in no time. Now that I have been on YouTube almost a year I see that it really is hard work. There's so many people going towards the top and it obviously isn't easy. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that in a few years when I'm done with everything YouTube is still going to be with me and I'm going to have so much more friends. That's a little dream of mine. I want to do social things when I'm older. I'll never let go of YouTube, all hands on deck and up we go!



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