Merry Christmas, Everyone

So I'm basically breaking down; my glasses are broken, school is terrible and I'm the only person alive who doesn't have (and really wants) an Apple item. So I'm in a horrible mood, that's why I'm trying to pull myself up saying it's Christmas soon, mainly because it really is. I swear it was JUST the start of November! And it's already past the middle of it! Wow.

Christmas is great, especially since it doesn't last long but it can bring such happiness, which you just can't understand. It's really one of The Most Wonderful Times Of The Year! There's always something to look forward to. Now it's Christmas, then it's going to be New Year, after that PLL, next a school trip... It's all going to happen so fast! I can't wait and I hope to be a happier person. I'm going to try and film tomorrow! After all, the only time I can film is in the weekends (come to school - dark, leave school - dark). Fun, fun, fun! I'll see y'all tomorrow and wish me the best, I really need your wishes xx



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