A Story About A Skinny Person

There was once a lady walking down the street. You realise that she's quite skinny and well built. What do you think? Do you think about how beautiful she is or how she got such a body? Did it ever cross your mind that she could have started from the very opposite, that she changed her whole body to get to where she wanted to be? Maybe she's skinny because it runs in her family or because or any other possible thing. And yet how was it that the skinny person caught your attention? What's with the bigger people? They're not worse in anything.

What people look like doesn't have an affect on what they're like inside.
What people look like shouldn't be a way to define good people from bad.
People are different, stereotypes aren't real.
Keep your arms wide open, let people in.

How did y'all like that? As I said a few days ago, I'm trying new things so if you ever see a title with A STORY in it, it's probably a story! And by the way, these are all things made up in my head. They can be inspired by certain things - sure, but they aren't necessarily taken from me personally.




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