A Story About One Girl

There was once an odd little girl. She was a closed spirit and not to be tamed. She was strong on the outside but the inside was a mess. This girl was the smile inside the class and did what she loved but when life and people got to her she was hurt, like nobody you'd ever see.

She was one of the little that would care about actually learning. She was an old spirit and did things the best way she could. No matter what, she'd stand after what she believed in, if  what she believed in was right.

She would do weird things, like talk to animals and to herself, actually study, try and maintain a healthy diet and relationship with everyone. People weren't the nicest to her but they weren't nice to anybody else either.

One of the odd things she'd do is she would get into a bus and if she wouldn't find a place to sit, she'd find herself a corner and sit there. On the floor. With no worries. She would take out her homework and do it. In her thinking breaks she would look at peoples' reflections on the bus window to see who's looking at her. Afterwards she would stare them down, scare them or simply have a giggle. She wouldn't care no crap. She was stronger than that. Nothing got to her in the bus. She owned her space and she didn't mind anything. It was just her and her homework and that's a good girl.



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