A Story About A Lost & Dog

There was once a girl, so lost was she,
Wondering through the crowded streets.
She didn't dare to ask for help,
That for her was the biggest hell.

After all the time she stood and looked
Because the city's beauty was booked.
It was wondrous, she clearly saw,
That's why she stood and looked some more.

After a while she started to walk,
Still staring at the lovely lot.
Many shadows passed her there,
One's ears like a bat. She was quick to stare.

The bat-eared creature quickly passed,
A husky it was, she found out at last.
Its grey fur twinkled to the whistle of the wind,
And with one little wink, the girl was in the thin.

She started going faster, just to walk with the dog,
It was showing her the way, giving her the tour.
She still couldn't believe her eyes
That a dog like that could help her sad life.

He took her round a few parks and bins
She tried to leave him with no wins.
She felt she was going out of her mind,
When in all the dog was just being kind.

After a while she was walking by herself,
The dog next to her, on its own little shelf.
He stopped some time later, for his man and bone,
The girl walked on, her mind beautifully blown.



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